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Strong Like Bull


I have the utmost respect & admiration for the vegetarian & vegan movements & plan on becoming a member of the raw vegan community myself. Some of the tactics used to promote the lifestyle can be funny, crude & grotesque, albeit all true & thought-provoking regarding the issue.

However, I do not feel the moralistic angle of the debate is always a fair way to judge a persons eating habits vs. the health one. Not all vegans abstain from eating animals & their products for moral reasons; some of them only do it for vanity & to be trendy, not just healthy. Some still buy cars with leather seats, leather couches, buy down feather pillows & coats, wear leather, wool & fur clothing, shoes & accessories, etc.

Also, there are other ways to cause animals suffering & death without slaughtering them. Many food plants (even organic) are grown in soils that consist of animal feces & carcasses. Realistically, no matter what we consume, our lifestyles can still negatively impact other lifeforms, directly or indirectly. In the wild, many animals live in much harsher conditions & die much more brutal deaths than the ones human beings are giving them. Simply by not eating meat & dairy does not help stop these things from taking place. If you’re aware of these occurrences but aren’t actively doing anything to help stop it, are you really so much better? Think about it….


Yoni Love


Yoni – is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. It is also known as the divine passage, womb or sacred temple.

What is a Yoni Egg?

A Yoni Egg is a gemstone specially crafted into an egg shape. They come in a variety of materials from fossilized wood to quartz.

Why use them?

1. Feel more grounded and centered in yourself.

2. Be more in tune with your sensuous capacity.

3. Massage your yoni from the inside.

4. Increase your flow of sexual hormones.

5. Develop stronger orgasms.

6. Heighten the responsiveness of your G-spot.

7. Maintain healthy reproductive organs.

8. Prevent incontinence in later years.

9. Experience pleasant aliveness in your feminine center.

10. Heals the chakras.

They increase circulation of blood and energy in our Sacred Reproductive system. Use of the eggs increases the health of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, vulva and pelvic floor. Muscles are toned and you become more aware of your own Sacred Sensual and Sexual energy. As with any other form of exercise, regular yoni egg exercise increases circulation allowing for CHI energy to flow more freely. This enables the release of toxins and negative energy physically, spiritually and energetic from the body. Oh yeah and baby can we say increased and stronger ORGASMS. THAT is the POWER of the Yoni made aware by the Yoni Egg.

What info do I need to know to make my experience most effective and healthy?

Wherever you get your #yonieggs, make sure they are using REAL gemstones. Not fake, dyed, or coated materials. Some of the people who sell eggs are pushing products that are problematic. Its not only the treatment of the eggs. Its also that they are drilled to add strings or chains for easier removal. Drilled eggs leave room for bacteria to grow inside!

They also might use spiritual practices for “charging/clearing” that are disreputable and not safe. I would hate to buy a “shaman blessed” egg only to find out some man put his jizz on it and said its blessed. You feel me?

Be discerning! Get them online from reputable gem distributors. Talk to sistars who you know use the eggs and are true healers, not just money makers!!

Know that some stones are not for internal use.


These are a few stones that either breakdown or rust when immersed in water. Calcite leaves your yoni smelling odd and disrupts your vaginal flora.

Nothing is more watery than your Living Breathing Yoni and Womb!

Love and cherish her! Yes true love is written in the stone!

How to clean my Yoni Egg?

Step 1: Water and Soap! Just like washing your hands or body! Envision the water n soap washing away any debris or energy. You may begin use of your yoni egg. Or proceed to step 2.
Step 2: Smudging with smoke. You can burn incense or sage. You may begin use of your yoni egg. Or proceed to step 3.
Step 3: salt cleaning: you can use dry salt. Pour enough into a cup to cover the egg and leave it in the sun in a window or other sunny spot in your home.

How to use your Yoni Egg:

Insertion is easier with Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Honey it is ALWAYS best when wet!

You can try this sitting on the edge of a chair or on your knees. I first inserted my egg on my back in bed. Bad go! Lol Igot up to my knees and proceeded. It was EASY! Depending on the size of your egg you will need certain advice.

For release:

Do NOT push! This is not birthing the way we have been taught. Pushing adds undue pressure to your womb! Instead sit with your hips and cheeks spread, cup your hand under you (if you decide to do this in the bathroom. Which i do!) and pull the muscles UP like you are trying to pull her in. At this time i will insert a finger to test and see what state my muscles are in. If they are tight, I know my yoni will need assistance! She is too tight/tensed to aid me. So i RELAX! And so does she, the muscles become pillowy soft! And now my contracting vaginal walls are yielding and the squeezing is pushing the egg out.

Always RELAX! And remember, sometimes the egg, yoni and womb veto you!! They decide when they are ready to release.

For more info and to purchase a yoni egg, visit SkylarkSpirit or Ashley’s Naturals


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