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Strong Like Bull


I have the utmost respect & admiration for the vegetarian & vegan movements & plan on becoming a member of the raw vegan community myself. Some of the tactics used to promote the lifestyle can be funny, crude & grotesque, albeit all true & thought-provoking regarding the issue.

However, I do not feel the moralistic angle of the debate is always a fair way to judge a persons eating habits vs. the health one. Not all vegans abstain from eating animals & their products for moral reasons; some of them only do it for vanity & to be trendy, not just healthy. Some still buy cars with leather seats, leather couches, buy down feather pillows & coats, wear leather, wool & fur clothing, shoes & accessories, etc.

Also, there are other ways to cause animals suffering & death without slaughtering them. Many food plants (even organic) are grown in soils that consist of animal feces & carcasses. Realistically, no matter what we consume, our lifestyles can still negatively impact other lifeforms, directly or indirectly. In the wild, many animals live in much harsher conditions & die much more brutal deaths than the ones human beings are giving them. Simply by not eating meat & dairy does not help stop these things from taking place. If you’re aware of these occurrences but aren’t actively doing anything to help stop it, are you really so much better? Think about it….


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