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As you Pray, Move your Feet

eyebI wonder how much better the World would be today if the thousands of hours & millions of dollars spent in & on churches (& the clothes, shoes, hats, gas, etc bought to attend) was actually invested into the community, which works far better than praying & listening to someone reiterate the bible every weekend. If every church in this country was converted into a shelter, I believe it would almost completely eliminate our homelessness problem.

The World does not seem to be becoming a better place, so what is it really good for? According to John 14:6, Jesus says I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. So according to Jesus, being that he is neither a church or a pastor, he’s stating that it is he who we should be following & no one else…

During slavery, if they didn’t give us good education, good housing, good food, or good clothes, why did they give us such ‘good’ religion?” – Dr. Bobby E. Wright

All the various denominations of Christianity & the holy texts in the Bible are based on ancient Kemetic knowledge out of Africa & it’s basically nothing more than plagiarized, chopped & screwed variations of our true, original belief system that our ancestors left in stone for us. Much of African culture is ridiculed as being voo-doo, or falsely accused of being evil or satanic. These lies are fed to you to turn you away from the truth!

Just a few thoughts.. Hope you are having a blessed day!


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