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Seeing the World Through Poison Ivy Colored Glasses….

ivyOn the very 1st episode of Netflix’s original series, Orange is the New Black, the fiance of the shows main character refers to entire continent of Africa as “filthy & dangerous“. When telling some people of my dreams to one day live in Africa, they’ve scrunched their faces & wondered of all the wonderful, beautiful places in the world, why I’d ever want to go there? Sadly, that’s the same exact view that much of the world has about the region, but to no fault of their own. If anything or anyone is constantly portrayed in a certain light, that is how the world will perceive them. Another sad impact of this view, is in the fact that many Africans in America are actually grateful for the pasts institution of slavery of their ancestors, believing that despite the horrors of it, slavery actually saved them from a life of despair they surely would have experienced, had they remained in Africa. Many non-Africans share this sentiment as well, believing that the founding fathers of this nation actually did Africans a favor by bringing them here & that we should actually be thankful!


Almost every news story coming out of Africa has something to do with war, poverty & disease. Yes, there are many regions of Africa that are suffering from these issues, but there are also plenty of regions that are not. Why do you think the school system & mainstream media in America intentionally almost never shows us the safe, beautiful, thriving parts of Africa? Why do they make it seem that Africa is entirely a broken place full of broken people who need to be saved from themselves?

One of my main goals is to change these negative views. To prove to the rest of the world that Africa is far greater than what they’ve been taught to believe. Not just by focusing on & showing the wonderful parts & ignoring the struggling ones, because I want to be a part of actually improving those areas. One day those regions will no longer exist & Africa will shine as the great nation it was, once again!

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4 thoughts on “Seeing the World Through Poison Ivy Colored Glasses….

  1. Africa is very beautiful place indeed hidden among negative views. A lot of people fail to use discernment and trust whatever they see or hear in the media. It is a very rich country still flowing with hidden treasures.

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  2. Imagineth on said:

    Africa is the love of my life. I will always want to discover more of it! I was amazed by Zambia, I loved Ethiopia, I adore Senegal, I wish I could visit Namibia, I could live in Johannesburg without a gun under my pillow just in case, and it is simply beautiful to feel free in the northern Africa!

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